Visit a nation - the old Aurora1 nations, for reference and enjoyment only

Name Flag Owner More Info  
149 159 160
Albanese Region's Flag Jeff Ford Info
The Free State of Anadile
41 54 61 62
The Free State of Anadile's Flag Michael Phyle Info
The United Kingdom of Antediluvia
137 147 148
Antediluvia's Flag Clay Carter Info
The Federal Republic of Attica
Attica's Flag Tyler Berry Info
The United States of Aurelia
143 152 153
Aurelia's Flag Info
The Barbary States
many States, many flags... Jake Gibson or Christopher Wyndham Info
38 150 183
Bozania's Flag Kirby Araullo & Alain Info
Allied States of Canasi
121 130 131
Canasi's Flag Thomas Brown Info
Federal Republic of Daxos
109 110 119
Federal Republic of Daxos's Flag Ilo and Timo Info
The Dyanimedes States
28 (lots available)
many States, many flags... Planet Master Info
Confederacy of Eirennia Scotia - Hibernian Empire
65 75 83
Confederacy of Eirennia Scotia's Flag Jeff Ford Info
The Republic of Foldmuves
25 43 44
The Republic of Foldmuves's Flag Jake Gibson Info
The Holy Land
The Holy Land's Flag Planet Master Info
The Free Society of Hussia
99 105 115
The Free Society of Hussia's Flag David Lawrie Info
The Islandic Security & Advancement Coalition
ISAAC's Flag various Info
The Republic of Karistan
158 164
The Republic of Karistan's Flag Jake Gibson Info
Federal Republic of Latinia
63 72
Federal Republic of Latinia's Flag Marco Roman Info
134 145 154
Lindonarlin's Flag Justin Holt Info
People's Republic of Linaret
100 106 117
People's Republic of Linaret's Flag Tony Fanchi Info
The People's Republic of Nessabar
118 127 138 (availabe)
The People's Republic of Nessabar's Flag Michael Phyle Info
Medosta's Flag Marco Roman Info
The Federal Republic of Monota
The Federal Republic of Monota's Flag Herman Gunn Info
The Imperial Empire of Nguya
11 14 15
The Imperial Empire of Nguya's Flag Seth Cronson Info
Imperial Republic of Ntembe
9 51 140
Imperial Republic of Ntembe's Flag Mike Ham Info
Ormayan Republic
27 30 33
Ormaya's Flag Rob Coniglio Info
The Imperial Osman Sultanate
73 81 86 90
The Imperial Osman Sultanate's Flag Andrew Gray Info
Technate of Penglai
113 114 124
Technate of Penglai's Flag Yoshisinn Ryu Info
The Shaelic Commonwealth
177 181 182 184 185 186
The Sovereign Nation of Caelia's Flag Scott Hutton Info
Republic of the Seven Smaalkoten
8 21
Republic of the Seven Smaalkoten's Flag Niklas Oberfeld Info
Kingdom of Solonia
60 70 71
Kingdom of Solonia's Flag Anze Skerl Info
Dominion of Spartika
111 112 120
Dominion of Spartika's Flag Martin Gasser Info
Sudesian Federation
66 67 68
Sudesia's Flag Kirby Araullo Info
The Kingdom of Szerelo
45 50
The Kingdom of Szerelo's Flag Jake Gibson Info
Teknikratioj's Flag Andrew Gray Info
The Republic of the Theodinnes
59 69 79
Theodinnes' Flag Kirby Araullo Info
The Kingdom of Tolron
166 167 175 176
The Kingdom of Tolron's Flag Anson Ward Info
Trojaner Reich
101 107 108
Trojaner Reich's Flag Jerry Hurtgen Info
Serene Republic of Venantia and Floriana
35 47 53
Serene Republic of Venantia and Floriana's Flag Christopher Wyndham Info
National League of Westar
92 98 102
National League of Westar's Flag Thomas Brown Info
The Allied Confederation of Zaria
26 29 32
The Allied Confederation of Zaria's Flag Seth Cronson Info
The United Confederation of Zebunda
2 6 10
The United Confederation of Zebunda's Flag Herman Gunn Info