Build a country. Tell its story.
Scandia is an imaginary world in which people design, exhibit, and control their own personal country. It is a chance for you to create a nation complete with its own government, culture, and history, and then to have that country interact with similar nations created by other people. Players are from many different real countries. Please browse this website and the websites of the various nations of Scandia to see what we're about.
Scandia's encyclopedia-in-progress. Click here to contact Jake Gibson, the current PlanetMaster of Scandia. This discussion board is the means by which the nations of Scandia interact with each other.
From here, you can visit any of the websites belonging to Scandia's many countries. This link will take you to the political and physical maps of the planet Scandia. Other miscellaneous pieces of information about the planet of Scandia and its people.
Click this link to find out more about the game of Scandia and other worlds associated with it. Maps and descriptions of all the territories available for new players to acquire. The rules and regulations which govern the way Scandia operates and functions.
All the information you need to start your own country on the world of Scandia. Various links to Scandia-related sites not covered elsewhere on this site. Display of Scandia's current (speeded-up) date.

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